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Your Wedding Day is the most “Important Day Of Your Life” it is the Pinnacle of the last two years of intense and Insane Planning with meticulous attention to detail that has Swallowed your Life as you knew it. You are a changed person, every thought is about The “W” Day from the minute you wake with thoughts of shall I have Flowers or a Veil or a Tiara, Hair Up Or Down or maybe Both or one of each, to the time you pass out on the couch in a sea of Rose scented homemade “with Love” Wedding Invitations whilst re-arranging the seating plan for your Reception again for the 20th time to keep Aunt Mildred Happy…

On a serious note, This will be your Day, Your Wedding Day, to be enjoyed and Cherished. It is very easy to overindulge in every decision creating Stress, so our advice is to seek out the Professionals who can help to Plan your Day with you, can make your decisions seem easy and relieve any pressure and Stress.

WEDDING HAIR is a huge Decision and will be your Crowning Glory on your Day, as such planning must take place.
A Wedding Hair & Make-Up Specialist who can create a Design Brief based on your details and desires and have the knowledge and ability to produce a cohesive Design of your Dreams for your Day.

Dresses, Hair, Make-Up, Flowers, Colours, Location, Reception all of these elements to combine and Bring The Most Important Day Of Your Life, Your WEDDING DAY Together.

For all the Beautiful Brides

This is your special day and for everything to come together as you would like it is going to take a lot of careful preparation.  We will be doing our part to ensure that your hair and makeup design fits smoothly within your overall theme paying particular attention to colours, dress design, flowers and jewellery.  What will follow, through careful consultation and attention to detail is a visual and emotional feast.